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Kohala High School Class of 1981
Reunion Day One

Friday, June 8, 2001
Outrigger Waikoloa
Seafood Buffet

They just look so lovely even after 20 years later........CHEESE!


As reported by: Agnes

(Stephanie arrived late with fianc`e Bill Laxton due to unannounced guests stopping by their home)... Despite the delay, excitement was in the air! I could tell that everyone rushed from work to home to prepare for the first night's event.
It was nice to see everyone there and looking great! Everyone couldn't wait to catch-up on 20 years of time since most of us did not see each other although we may live on the same island or neighboring islands.It all started with a welcome speech by Douglas and myself and the presentation of leis. A big Mahalo goes out to Elma Bruno for all the hard work in making leis enough for all(3)days of the reunion. Once leis were given out, we all rushed for the delicious seafood buffet. The food and desserts were great. While everyone was enjoying the food and each other's company, we presented door prizes ranging from dinners, hotel accommodations, gold jewelry and gift certificates collected by myself from Merchants and vendors all over the South/North Kohala. We managed to have prizes for everyone who attended. You should have been there for the "blow job" drinking contest by some of our innocent was all just for the fun! Many stayed until the end. The night ended with lots of laughters, hugs, kisses and good memories...all caught on video tape. From California, the farthest traveled this reunion was Paulette(Nani Neula)Mendez and her husband.