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Kohala High School Class of 1981
Recipes of Life

Take time out for yourself....include your family.......

Occasionally we all could use a helpful hint whether a special quote for the year to get us through or a special recipe for the "on the go" family. Here you have the opportunity to send in your thoughts on the recipe of which can be food for not only the body but for the soul....

Yogurt Pie (Filling) by: Stephanie

1 large tub of cool whip
2 pints of your favorite yogurt
Fold in ingredients then fill into
your favorite pie crust. Whether
homemade or store purchased.
I like a graham crust...Freeze and
in a few hours it is ready to eat.

"A favorite sushi mix roll" by: Stephanie

Salmon strips
"crunchy" thinly sliced dill pickles
(Claussen brand is best)
sprout shoots, thinly slice carrots
cream cheese (thawed but firm)
lightly salted or no salt - macadamia nuts
green wasabe paste ok to mix with soy sauce
or leave it separately
Nori paper
Cooked sweet rice mix or regular rice

Prepare rice as normal for sushi rolls; placing nori paper on your bamboo roller. spread sliced cream cheese, add salmon strips and other ingredients and roll. DELICIOUS!