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Kohala High School Class of 1981
Class Bulletin Board

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We invite all classmates to express their own ideas to get involved. Questions, concerns and issues relating to our classmates personally or on events, etc. (Remember, even those who are too shy to speak up in class often have important things to say....SMILE)

Who's Celebrating a Birthday?

  3 - Stephanie (Naihe) Cabaniss
  9 - Francel (Akao) Martin
16 - Zimberly "Ekela" Gonsalves
16 - James "Jimmy" Kepoo
17 - Rita Pasalo

  1 - Agnes (Dela Cruz) Carlos
26 - Holly (Diccion) Hoy

12 - Lisa (Coit) Minoyama

28 - Regina (Ching) Reyes

10 - Marc Molitar
 5 - Donna (Rogers) Hara

10 - Gay (Ota) Mukai

"In the News" Responses

Update 2003...
Subject: updates from Oahu
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 21:21:10 -1000
Aloha everyone!
                                             Just a friendly reminder to all alumni residing on
                                             Oahu...keep in touch!  A few months ago Holly, Ipo, and I got together
                                             for lunch near Ipo's work place (Hawaii public radio).  We then got
                                             together again for take out at a new place called Diamond Head Market
                                             & Grill (real ono food and outstanding desserts...also a plug as Ed is
                                             the Manager there).  FYI, I still keep in touch with Lynnette (Akana)
                                             Awaya. Although she didn't graduate with us, you may remember her spending a
                                             year with us in high school.  Hope all is well with all...thinking of
                                             you often and missing Kohala!  Hope to see you soon.  Pass a note to
                                             Rita...if you need help with any planning, let me know.  I am pretty
                                             much an almost full time mom now.  Aloha, Janet
12/2002...Hoping to see classmates home for the holidays this year...will reportback later if this is so...
Stephanie seen Ekela at a funeral in Kohala for a respected Kupuna in 11/2002. With a wave to Deidre "Dede" (Riveira) Fernandez, Andrea (Alejandro) Brannigan, Krisann (Santiago) Dean, Sharon (Antonio) Anjo, and Douglas Yamamoto on the road at home in Kohala....Stephanie hasn't seen much of Michael "Mickey" Vea and Paul Nahinu even though they both still reside in Kohala.   Stephanie expected to see Gay (Ota) Mukai in Hilo the day after Thanksgiving but it didn't work out....they seen a glimpse of each other on the highway though...they keep in touch by phone every month or so.
August, 2002 Josette Ah Sam came home for a family reunion.  Stephanie attended as Josette and Stephanie's dad are 1st cousins.  Josette looks sooo good.  I wouldn't have recogized her if I bumped into her off the street  She's slim and lookn' good and I believe has only a daughter.  She said that she works with classmate Marie Duby for an insurance company on Oahu. 
Marc Molitar will be returning to Hawaii again in April 2002. It was great to meet his wife Amy and daughter Rachel at our last get-together on February 23, 2002.
CONGRATULATIONS TO... Janet (Nako) & Ed Toma!  Arrived an adorable baby girl named Sara Jessica Yuko on Superbowl Sunday 2002 at 9:41pm. 6 lbs. 10 oz and several hours of back labor. 01/ is Stephanie standing outside the office doors of their orthodontist physician and who pulls up with her daughter Anela? and her 2 year old grand-daughter? Lizel (Libron) Medeiros. She's still married to Stephanie's cousin Steven who is also a 70's graduate of Kohala. I believe Stephanie remembers Lizel saying her son, also named Steven is still in high school. Lizel is "lovin'" being a grandma and living in Hilo.
Update 2001...
Zimberly "Ekela" Gonsalves, seen @ Keaweula Bay, North Kohala District celebrating the opening of a beach bay area which is under lawsuit (12/2001) Ekela is a member of nonprofit group Malama Na Kahakai, a plaintiff along with Stephanie and others on this lawsuit.  Ekela's  youngest son is 16 years old - a fine respectful young man.
On Oahu for a convention in 11/2001, Stephanie met with Janet and Holly.  They celebrated with a "mini reunion lunch" at Ward Center.  Great company and fellowship.

Robbie McPeek - on KHS school campus for a day in 10/2001. He's enjoying his new career in the airline industry.


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