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Kohala High School Class of 1981

Love Life!

Vice President Rita(Pasalo)has expressed to be the chief organizer of our next reunion. Our last handout of information hinted on a Las Vegas planning.

On the night of June 8, 2001 a vote was taken on our next reunion just for a show of hands on "where" to hold the event being sure all present would be able to attend. With these show of hands a vote to have our reunion to be in Hawaii at another island location was entertained. With those whom made the effort of appearing at our 20th reunion it was noted that they will also continue to attend the next reunion. Hint of another reunion in 5 years - 2006.

June 9 - 11, 2006 or any other suggestions?

We leave this up to Rita on the planning since she stated she will organize our event aside from not appearing at our 20th year reunion.